3 piece Color Puzzles

These easy 3-pc. puzzles are great for older toddlers and up to learn colors.


Spring Find It!

A fun take on the Treasure Hunt game. Each child gets a copy of the page to color; a map if you will.

The caregiver/parent/teacher places the picture cards around the room/house. The children color each picture as they find it.

Ideas for easier use: Give children the color page on a clipboard and allow them to circle the items first, then color them when they get back to their seats. Or give them a few crayons (pick certain colors of the day) to carry with them to color as they find their pictures.

Apple Playdough Mats (Large and Small)

I have included 2 sizes of mats here. The first size (Large) is for the Toddlers and younger Preschoolers.  The smaller size is for older Preschool age and above. If your child feels comfortable using one versus the other, by all means use what they feel most comfortable with. 

Apple Playdough Mats-Large

Apple Playdough Mats-Large  Apple Playdough Mats-Large (1)


Apple Playdough Mats-Small

Apple Playdough Mats-Small Apple Playdough Mats-Small (1)