Telling Time- Part 1

This deals with hour and half hour. Short worksheets to minimize aggravation from learning something new.

Laminate or pop into a dry erase pocket to use again and again.


Kitty Kitty

This is my adaption to the game “Kitty, Kitty Are You In the Blue Hat”.

You will hide the cat under one of the hats and the child/children then ask, “Kitty cat, kitty cat, are you in the [color] hat?” Each child takes a turn lifting a hat to see if the cat is indeed under it. Before the next child lifts the hat; repeat, “Kitty cat, kitty cat, are you in the [color] hat?”.

For this you need either felt or paper (depending on how you wish to make these, permanent makers and glue.  Make sure when printing off the cat; that you print him off small enough to fit under the hats. I made my hats to fit an 8×10 piece of construction paper and then laminated them.