“On the Farm” Gross Motor Exercise Cards

These cards are a fun way to get those gross motor skills strong!

On the Farm-Gross Motor Exercise Cards

On the Farm-Gross Motor Exercise CardsOn the Farm-Gross Motor Exercise Cards (2) On the Farm-Gross Motor Exercise Cards (1)


What Do I Wear? Match Game

This activity allows children to match the clothing to the season.

I do recommend laminating the clothing cut-outs so that they last longer.  You can laminate the season sheets and attach adhesive Velcro to the backs of the clothing cut-outs and to the season sheets, or you can put the sheets into clear pocket protectors and just have the children lay the clothing pieces on top.

What Do I Wear_

What Do I Wear_  What Do I Wear_ (1) What Do I Wear_ (2)

Colors Sheets!

These worksheets contain ways to teach colors through…you guessed it, coloring!

I will be adding more as time goes on!


Autumn Colors!

Decorate the Tree

Winter Colors

Back To School

Vegetable Garden

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Pom Pom Fun for Toddlers!

While my grandsons were here visiting; the youngest (almost 2 years) needed something quiet and soothing to do.

I found my bag of pom poms, a plastic jar, a spoon, a measuring cup and some large tweezers (found at a Dollar General). He spent a good 30 minutes taking the pom poms from the bag and putting them into the jar and then taking them from the jar and scooping them into small boxes.

Using the large tweezers was not only fun for him, but will help build his fine motor skills. Using the measuring cup and spoon, does the same. He did this a few times throughout the day. This was also a great way to learn about colors and textures!

Bean Bag Toss!

I used my Dollar Tree Hack for Bean Bags on this one!

Play indoors or outdoors!

What you need: 

Dried Kidney Beans, Duct Tape, Sandwich Bags (ziplock style), 3 Pool Noodles, 3 Paper Plates

Follow instructions for Dollar Tree Hack for Bean bags. Duct tape each pool noodle into a circle. Write a “5” on one plate, “15” on another plate and “20” on another.

You can arrange the rings in close proximity as shown  to one another or space them out in a line.

Dollar Tree Hack #4

Sight Word Game

This game can be used with preschoolers through any grade!

What you will need: Sight Word strips, cardstock (optional), glue (optional), markers or stickers.

Cost: Approximately: $1.75

All you do is cut your Sight Word strips to the length needed. There are usually a few in the package that have 2 words to a strip and this is what I use as a template to cut the others to length.

I added cardstock to the back of mine because I used markers to write the word “BOOM!” on 3 cards (you can write it on up to 7 cards. If you choose to use stickers; you may not need to use the cardstock.  If you do use cardstock; glue the strips to the cardstock. If you are using markers; use them before you laminate.

You don’t have to laminate; but they will last longer.

A few notes before I tell you how to play: You get about 40-45 words per pack! You don’t have to use all the words in the game at once. Go ahead and switch them up every now and again. The more words; the longer the game. The more people playing; the more words you may want.

How to Play: Shuffle the cards and lay the pile in the middle of the table, face down. Each player takes a card and if he/she reads the card correctly; they get to keep the card! If they choose the “BOOM!” card, they return ALL their cards to the pile and the pile gets re-shuffled. When all the cards are gone from the pile, the person with the most cards is the winner. You can also put a time limit on the game; say 3 or 5 minutes and the person with the most cards at the end of that time is the winner.

Make sure to cheer on the success of your players! Give them the extra encouragement they need if they are beginning to feel frustrated. Let them know they are doing a great job. You can even have them help you a time or two (insert smile here).


Dollar Tree Hack #3

Lacing Cards!

Here is your Dollar Tree Hack #3!

This is a great playtime activity and also helps build those fine motor skills!

What you need:

Bulletin Board Accents (36 pc): $1

Paper Cut-outs (if using these, you will need card stock)  (32 pc): $1

Hole punch

Shoe laces: $1 per pack (2 laces per pack)

Total cost: $3 for 67 lacing cards and 2 laces! Not bad!

If using the Bulletin Board Accents; they are pretty sturdy on their own; so I just laminate them and use the hole punch to put holes in them. Fewer holes for the younger ones.

If using the paper cut-outs; trace them onto a piece of cardstock for stability; laminate and punch holes. I purchase the shoe laces at Dollar Tree and get the long ones. Go crazy and get colored shoe laces! Tie a knot in one end and let the kiddos sew away.

They have so many different Bulletin Board accents; fruits, animals, vehicles, sports equipment!

Once in a while I can find clear zippered file folders and I get those to keep my activities in. They are easy to see what is inside and easy for the kids to open and close.

Here is another fun thing: If the paper cut-outs or board accents are plain; let the kiddos decorate them with crayons or markers to make them special; making all the fish tropical, writing their names on the stars, etc.