Ice Cream Activity Pack

Letters, numbers, coloring and an ice cream craft!

Keep your brain sharp this summer with this Ice Cream Activity pack!


Tissue Paper Sun Catchers!

Materials Needed:

Tissue paper (Dollar Tree is great for this!) Get solid colors and get some with specks of glitter to add some sparkle!

Clear Contact Paper- you can find this at Wal-mart or Target or craft stores.

Cookie Cutters (optional)




First, you need to cut your  tissue paper into strips, then cut the strips into pieces.

Next you will need two pieces of contact paper (the same size).

After peeling the back off from one sheet; you can tape it to the table to keep it secure while your child adds his/her tissue pieces. Cover a certain area of the sheet with your tissue paper and then take the back of from contact paper #2. Lay on top of the tissue paper; carefully trying to make as smooth as possible. Removing a small portion of the back at a time works best.

Using your cookie cutter; outline your shape and cut out the shape of your sun catcher.

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Dollar Tree Hack #3

Lacing Cards!

Here is your Dollar Tree Hack #3!

This is a great playtime activity and also helps build those fine motor skills!

What you need:

Bulletin Board Accents (36 pc): $1

Paper Cut-outs (if using these, you will need card stock)  (32 pc): $1

Hole punch

Shoe laces: $1 per pack (2 laces per pack)

Total cost: $3 for 67 lacing cards and 2 laces! Not bad!

If using the Bulletin Board Accents; they are pretty sturdy on their own; so I just laminate them and use the hole punch to put holes in them. Fewer holes for the younger ones.

If using the paper cut-outs; trace them onto a piece of cardstock for stability; laminate and punch holes. I purchase the shoe laces at Dollar Tree and get the long ones. Go crazy and get colored shoe laces! Tie a knot in one end and let the kiddos sew away.

They have so many different Bulletin Board accents; fruits, animals, vehicles, sports equipment!

Once in a while I can find clear zippered file folders and I get those to keep my activities in. They are easy to see what is inside and easy for the kids to open and close.

Here is another fun thing: If the paper cut-outs or board accents are plain; let the kiddos decorate them with crayons or markers to make them special; making all the fish tropical, writing their names on the stars, etc.