ABC Coloring Pack for Beginners

This pack is filled with simple pages for beginners. Large upper and lower case letters and a picture to color. A great way to introduce letters of the alphabet to young ones.

ABC for Beginners

ABC for Beginners ABC for Beginners (1)  ABC for Beginners (2)


Number of the Day packs

With these packs; you can introduce a new number every day or every week. Each pack has multiple pages of fun with different activities to learn about the number of the day. Each pack includes number tracing.

Number of the Day -1

Number of the Day- 2

Number of the Day-3

Number of the Day-4

Number of the Day-5

Number of the Day-6

Number of the Day-7

Number of the Day-8

Number of the Day-9

Number of the Day-10

Number of the Day -1  Number of the Day -1 (1)

Color Chip Word Slides.

These Color Chip Word Slides are easy to make and better yet….FREE!

You can get these color chips at any paint store or big box store (Lowe’s, Menard’s, etc.) Grab as many as you like.  If you are doing this for a classroom; you can ask an associate of the store and sometimes they will give you a load of them; still wrapped in the plastic!

I just picked out a square paint chip that would be in the same color category as the multi-color chips and I was set.

I cut a thin strip from the multi-color chip for my letters. Then cut a 1- inch square from the single color paint chip. Added a slit above and below the 1-inch square (just a tad longer on each side of the square) to slide in the letter strip.  I used an exact-o knife to cut out the square and make my slits.

I started off using a regular fine point permanent marker and it just wasn’t big enough, so I went to a chisel point permanent marker for my letters and the words.  You will notice that I didn’t use the last color square on the letter strip. This was to give the children an area to hold and be able to move the letter strip.


IMG_2190  IMG_2191  IMG_2192  IMG_2193

Summer = Storms…Are you prepared?

When we think of storm preparedness, we think: Flashlights, Cellphone, Water, First-Aid kits and our loved ones.

After working in a child care facility and having to hunker down for hours with toddlers in a bathroom; I learned something. They get bored VERY fast! And when they get bored, they get angry!

Now, we would have to take our First-Aid bags with us, our classroom sheet with the children’s names and contact numbers and that was it. I thought to myself that this was completely insane. We had no way of knowing what was going on around us, no way of keeping 5-10 toddlers happy for a time frame of 15 minutes to 2 hours. So, I took it upon myself to take a backpack to work the next day.

I went to the director’s office and informed her that I was going to have my phone with me on these types of emergencies because there was no way of knowing what was happening and I; as a caretaker to these kids; needed to know. She agreed. I also showed her what was in the backpack.

Small bottles of water (1 per child)

Snacks (2 per child)

Dollar Tree Flashlights (1 per child) and a large flashlight for me


Small toys

Coloring books and crayons

Wipes and diapers

Soon, every classroom had a backpack equipped with items appropriate for children at their age level.

So, my advice to all parents, grandparents and caretakers is to get a backpack and equip yourself for a storm so that the children are busy and this will lessen the fear.

Colors Sheets!

These worksheets contain ways to teach colors through…you guessed it, coloring!

I will be adding more as time goes on!


Autumn Colors!

Decorate the Tree

Winter Colors

Back To School

Vegetable Garden

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“Draw a Line” sheets

With this activity, children learn the beginning sounds of words. The plus side is that they can use their motor skills when drawing the lines from the picture to the letter that goes with that word.

Just click below for the worksheet.

Draw a Line sheet 1

Draw a line sheet 2

Draw A Line Sheet 3

Draw A Line Sheet 4

Draw a Line Sheet 5

Draw a Line Sheet 6



Draw A Line Sheet 3


Draw A Line Sheet 4

Circle The Pictures (A to M)

I spent all day working on some sheets that will help the little ones with sounding out their letters and matching them to the appropriate words.

Now, you can print these off in either 5×7 or 8×10. You can laminate them or put them in clear pocket protectors so that you can use them multiple times. Make sure to use dry erase markers when using laminating sheets and the pocket protectors.  Since there are so m

any, I will divide them into 2 groups.