There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly

This fun craft is a great add on for when you are reading the book to your class. They can make this and have fun feeding the old lady as you read them the book.


Tissue Paper Sun Catchers!

Materials Needed:

Tissue paper (Dollar Tree is great for this!) Get solid colors and get some with specks of glitter to add some sparkle!

Clear Contact Paper- you can find this at Wal-mart or Target or craft stores.

Cookie Cutters (optional)




First, you need to cut your  tissue paper into strips, then cut the strips into pieces.

Next you will need two pieces of contact paper (the same size).

After peeling the back off from one sheet; you can tape it to the table to keep it secure while your child adds his/her tissue pieces. Cover a certain area of the sheet with your tissue paper and then take the back of from contact paper #2. Lay on top of the tissue paper; carefully trying to make as smooth as possible. Removing a small portion of the back at a time works best.

Using your cookie cutter; outline your shape and cut out the shape of your sun catcher.

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