No More Mini Erasers for me!

I came across a Facebook page a while ago and I watched it for a long time before I actually took the step and ordered anything. Now I am addicted!

This young woman makes resin pieces; letters, numbers, and now mini resin pieces that you can use for your manipulatives! I love them more than mini erasers! They are sturdy, they are colorful and fun! Sidney will work with you to make the colors you want for your letters and numbers or for your minis. You need extras in your mini bundles? No problem. She will work with you. I like having 10 pieces in my bundles so, for an extra cost; I can now have 10 pieces in my mini resin bundles. Anyone can have extras! Her work is amazing and her shipping is FAST!

Here is just a couple of the bundles that I have purchased so far. Yes, more are coming…lol. I am hooked!

You can check out her amazing creations on Instagram @resingoodkids and Facebook at RESINgoodkids

Mini Zoo Animals Bundle
Mini Easter Bundle

**I am not being compensated in any way for this endorsement**


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