Little Mouse, Little Mouse

This is a simple felt board to help learn colors.

All you need is felt or construction paper.

For the mouse; I just made a half circle and added an eye, ear, tail and a mouth.

Tell the children….”look at all the little houses we have. They are all different colors. Can you tell me the colors we have? Let the children tell you the colors of the houses.

But we have a problem. We don’t know which house the little mouse is hiding in. Will you help me find her?

Let’s call for her….  “Little mouse, little mouse, are you in the [Point to a color of house] ________ house?” Slowly peel back the house to see if the mouse is under the house.  “She wasn’t in that house, which house should we try next?” Ask the child(ren) to choose a color, and repeat the chant.



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